Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Short Review of my 2014

Its been a roller coaster year for me.

Its a year when i started to have a faith again in continuing my school as a gynecologist, after 4 years break and slowing down my ambition in career because i get pregnant and decided to fully took care of my baby, but failed the entrance examination.
Its a year when i have to be the one whose taking care of the things in my family since we decided to let my husband leave his job because of his unhappy environment in his previous workplace.
Its a year when i have to feel a decrease in my career life, because after 4 years being a lactation counselor even an international consultant, i have to be a ward doctor again,.. thanks to the jerk environment place that i worked before and my capability was being questioned.
Its a year when my marriage get an obstacle.
Its a year that i loose my loving father after his 7 months full of sickness

But, as a promise from Allah, the happiness always comes in the right time and moment.

Its also a year, when my husband get another job, so much better than the previous one, with loving and positive environment
Its a year that me and my spouse realize that surviving our marriage is worth a thousands things in our life than others and realized that we love each other even more and more...
Its a year that i get a better workplace, with a thousand better environment, and so much better earns.  I even get a double job that i like it so much and support my plan for my next education. Nailed it!!!
Its a year that i launch my book.. finally... yeaaaaaahhhh
Its a year that we could buy a new vehicles and full repaired our old one hence makes our activity easier than before.
Its a year i see a happiness in my mother's face when she went Umroh after the hardest time of loosing her husband.
and .. closed it with a good news in the last few days of December, i get a chance to continue study as a specialist... even though it isn't a gynecology, ... but i know Allah must have some plans greater than my thought. Yess, i get the radiology in University of Indonesia. Means, i could stay in the same town with my lovely family while pursuing my study and still able to work with happy as a lactation consultant.

So, bye bye 2014.. thank you for the journey... and welcome 2015 with a new hope.. and bless from Allah for the best.

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