Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Short Review of my 2014

Its been a roller coaster year for me.

Its a year when i started to have a faith again in continuing my school as a gynecologist, after 4 years break and slowing down my ambition in career because i get pregnant and decided to fully took care of my baby, but failed the entrance examination.
Its a year when i have to be the one whose taking care of the things in my family since we decided to let my husband leave his job because of his unhappy environment in his previous workplace.
Its a year when i have to feel a decrease in my career life, because after 4 years being a lactation counselor even an international consultant, i have to be a ward doctor again,.. thanks to the jerk environment place that i worked before and my capability was being questioned.
Its a year when my marriage get an obstacle.
Its a year that i loose my loving father after his 7 months full of sickness

But, as a promise from Allah, the happiness always comes in the right time and moment.

Its also a year, when my husband get another job, so much better than the previous one, with loving and positive environment
Its a year that me and my spouse realize that surviving our marriage is worth a thousands things in our life than others and realized that we love each other even more and more...
Its a year that i get a better workplace, with a thousand better environment, and so much better earns.  I even get a double job that i like it so much and support my plan for my next education. Nailed it!!!
Its a year that i launch my book.. finally... yeaaaaaahhhh
Its a year that we could buy a new vehicles and full repaired our old one hence makes our activity easier than before.
Its a year i see a happiness in my mother's face when she went Umroh after the hardest time of loosing her husband.
and .. closed it with a good news in the last few days of December, i get a chance to continue study as a specialist... even though it isn't a gynecology, ... but i know Allah must have some plans greater than my thought. Yess, i get the radiology in University of Indonesia. Means, i could stay in the same town with my lovely family while pursuing my study and still able to work with happy as a lactation consultant.

So, bye bye 2014.. thank you for the journey... and welcome 2015 with a new hope.. and bless from Allah for the best.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade Chocolate, n so wrong eyebrow shapes

Ini benda lagi happening banget yang pengen bikin alis cihuy, ga segaris ga jelas, n looks natural ga berlebihan. Well, tergantung aplikasinya juga sih ya..
Very very pigmented..jangan sampe kebanyakan cause a little goes a looonggg way banget pake ini. Ati2 kalau kebanyakan jadi kaya alis dakocan.. so no no no no...
Hehehehe, aga sulit ya kalau masalah alis emang, segaris aneh... ketebelan kaya dakocan.. maunya apasihhhh..., ni contohnya ya... yang look so un natural
nah liat kaaaaannnnn....

Well, back to my anastasia dip brow pomade. Uhuy... jadi bentuknya kaya gel/cream liner, tapi katanya pomade lebih awet dan lebih sulit mengering ga seperti cream liner. Mayan awet, dipake seharian pakai wudhu sholat selama ga dikucek2 bisa kuat 3x wudhu masi mentereng. Kapan2 aku mau coba pakai berenang ah, and i will updated it.

Ada 5 warna (blonde, auburn, chocolate, darkbrown, and ebony).. but i get the chocolate.
It costs USD $18, n just use a small angled liner brush to build n stroke in to the eyebrows.. remember, to shade it, not line your eyebrows, so its kind a looks more natural with the hair lines

Belum terlalu sempurna sih bikinnya, blom yang samapai kasi concealer lagi di bawah n atas eyebrowsnya, well.. at leastmayan lah ya... hahahahha menghiburdiriiii

Hope you guys get what i mean

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review : Nyx Butter Lipstick Hunk

Another new lipen series... ga pernah pernahnyaaaa punya lipstick warna ongo begini... berasa cyanosis gak siiih nanti takutnya, tapi nekat ah.
Ini seri butter dari nyx. Feels lebih moist and rich di bibir well said just like butter. But, what am imagine its gonna be cyanotic is so wrong... Asik deh warnanya jatuhnya dibibirku. Dan kl abis makan/minum, walau keapus, ada stainnya yang reddish, horeeee...
Aga lebih mahal ya seri butter ini, around IDR 85-90k kl beli di online di indo, hampir 2x lipatnya seri round yang hanya sekitaran 45-50k, tapi kl liat hasilnya asoy gini..oke lah

Urban Decay Naked Basic

I never thought that i am gonna fall in love with matte eyeshadow. O..Em..Ji.... *pake melotot lebay
This compacted palette is sooooo adorable. Really, and i am so in love n lucky to have it.
My 1st matte palette is too faced matte eye palette n i give my self another try with lorac propalette.
But this one..wins.
The packaging also so travelist.. i dont even know what thats mean or even a word hahahha.
I mean, cause its very compacted, n it so easy to travel with.. put it inside your small make up bag n go for a work.
The pigmentation is unquestionable.. get 5 mattes, and 1 shimmer color which is not that shimmery glitter ball. Suit for the inner corner of your lid and for highlighting your browbone.
Costs 36US$.. quiet expensive, but it so worthy. I think i would skip few of my palette from now since i have this one. I dont know till when ... till i get a new naked3 by urban decay also i guess.. hihihihihi

Wear this for so long.. n well, sorry for the condition, but this really means that i am wearing it all the time and bring it in my bag every time i go 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Vacation With Adam and Susan at RW Sentosa

Its an affirmation blog I think. Well, just give a universe a positive influence, and the universe will give it back to you.. Right !!

If I win this blog contest, maybe it would not be my first time to RW Sentosa which I am willing to go here more than 1 time, but definitely it will be my first time hanging around with one of my favorite couple in traveling world, Adam and Susan.

I have a round the world dream one day with my spouse, one day... and to get that i need to prepare everything like the fund, and since I have one beautiful daughter, of course I need to prepare her education fund as a priority. Hence, while preparing to get it, I love to follow a round the world couple like @pergidulu reading their blog here , as my affirmation to the universe, and do a little traveling with my family once or 2 times a year. I really want to have a lot of chit chat and discuss with their do and activities that they live as a traveling couple. Maybe we could share a thing about traveling with baby with them, hehehhe.

Singapore is the easiest tour the city for us to get our getaway. Why tour the city?.. since I am pregnant and has a baby, me and my spouse still unable to do a backpacker thingy again. Once we do a parent getaway (leave my baby for only 3 days)... and we did not enjoy our getaway that much because we miss her. And from that day, my baby always come wherever we go, with all the baby stuffs. You imagine and name it.. a mini electrical stove, a slow cooker , other cooking tools like pot, knife, etc for making homemade food when she starting to have solid food at her 6-15 months old, (well.. I am a breastfeeding mother with a homemade solid food for my baby.. and I am taking my baby start traveling since she is 2,5 months), a stroller, and may other baby stuffs.

RW Sentosa is our favorite place to visit, beside Singapore parks. We are not a mall lover. It has a lot of attraction, with the details here once we keep the Universal Studios for the latest since my baby still very little, but after all we come to USS also because we can not wait much longer time hehehhe. Not just my baby, at RW Sentosa and USS even we as adult love it so much. There are so much that we can do in RW Sentosa. If you are questioning, not all the place we've already visit, and we still wondering that we will visit and try all the entertainment there one day.

Hopefully this will be my time.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick : CoraLine

Menambah koleksi lipstick aaahhh..lagi suka yang warna crong crong, soalnya kl pakai warna yang tua, makes my face look soooo old hahahahha
Ini lipstick harganya hanya 2USD ya, katanya last lama. Yah, 4 sampai 5 jam deh kl ga pakai makan masih ada, n sebelumnya disaranin tetep pakai lip balm biar ga ngeringin bibir okeh.
Here's the swatches
Enjoy, hope you like it readers

Monday, April 7, 2014

Drugstore Foundation Shade Swatches That SUit To MAC NC 25-30

This is my journey of learning how to get a flawless make up routine. The 1st one should be a foundation to cover the redness, imperfection , acne scar, or even just discoloration on my face.
Well, as I am a newbee in make up world...drugstore product or even a sample or share in jar are my choices. Hahahha...
So, i am around NC 25-30 in mac fix fluid foundation. But it so expensive n out of my budget, i just want to share the foundation/bbcream that i have with the shades kind of similar n close with mac NC25-30 but from drugstore line. .
I will write the review individually about it, but rite now..i just want to share the shade swatches

From Left to Right :
BB cream caring luminizing
BB cream Etude bright fit in Light beige NO2
Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer light to neutral 30
Revlon colorstay foundation 24hour in Nude 180
Borjuis healthy mix foundation in light beige 53
Rimmel lasting finish 25hour in soft beige 200
Max factor age elixir in neutral 50

As u can see.. the etude light beige is way toooo lighter for my skin tone, n its definitely makes my face looks greyish eeeuuyyhh... but, the neutrogena is kind a too dark for my face,  this was my past skin tone, and my skin tone kind a lighter right now. So I just mix the etude n the neutrogena, n the result is, it gives me a nice n blending color in my face.

My exact correct n fit with my face is the borjuis.

Have a dream to change my line into ysl, giorgio armani, mac, chanel, or bobby brown.. i will someday.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boots No7 Iluminator

Ketagihan sama dewy look yang berpenampilan kulit mencring-mencring glowy gitu deeehhh..
mau beli benefit highbeam (unt pink undertone/fair skin like porcelain) or sun beam unt yellow undertone by benefit kok mahal yaaa...(26US$ unt 0.45oz)
Aku beli ini deh yang jauh lebih terjangkau. (11US$ unt 30ml)..yihaaaa...
Dapat product yang dupe katanya, hasil ga mengecewakan. Ga akan abis-abis secara dipakainya cuma setengah pump kayaknya di dap-dap-dap di atas tulang pipi, hidung biar mancungan, tengah atas alis-hidung, sama chin.
its super easy and blendable.. dipakai diatas powder ga ada masalah. Mau dicampur sama foundie tp muka jadi aga glowy ga bola disco juga asik. N come with pump yang hygienis.
n the most important does the job very well

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review : La Girl HD Pro Concealer

Masih berkutat mencari concealer untuk menutupi my puffy purple eyebag that makes me sooooooooo old. Hiks..
Tapi mau beli yang mahal-mahal kan sayang... takut ga berhasil lagi hohoho.
Akhirnya nyoba ini si
LA Girl HD Proconcealer.
Comes with a tube and a brush applicator like this
With so many shades i think its around 18 shades. Mine is in natural. It costs should be around 2-3 USD, in 0,25oz. And as usual, i have to get it online because its unavailable here in Indonesia.

N look how creamy it is.. its thick enough if you compare it with Mac pro long concealer which my shade is NC20 (1 shade lighter than my foundie in NC25). And not cakey at all.
Here's the ingredients

Here's the swatches.. well you know. It has a good cover enough and very easy blend able. I use it with my beauty blender, n its flawless. Oh May GOOOODDD... i love it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tutorial : Orange Look by Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette

The Product List:

Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer in Light to Neutral 30
Ultima face powder in light no 022
Nyx stick blush in Orchid

Coastal scents ultra shimmer palette 88
Physician formula gel liner in black
LT pro pencil eyeliner in black
Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner in nude

Revlon kissable balm stain in rendezvous

Not to mention : viva eyebrow pencil in black and a falsies

Friday, January 24, 2014

Tutorial : Smokey Blue Eyes

Trying to make another make up tutorial for my leisure, and the product that i used are:

Face :
Borjuis Healthy mix serum foundation in light beige no 53
Benefit eraste paste concealer in medium no 2
Missha perfect concealer
Maybelline compact powder
Tarte blush in achiote

L'oreal infallible eyeshadow in midnight blue
Maybelline color tattoo in silver strike
from Mariposa pallette by urban decay : skimp, mushroom, money, n spotlight
Giordani liquid eyeliner in black
Viva eyebrow pencil in black
Some cheap falsies and the glue
Maybelline hypercurl mascara volume express
Urban decay primer potion

Virgin Coconut Oil lipbalm
Nyx lip liner in rose 840
Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Toffeecream B43

Cerro queen flat shader brush
Masami shouko flat synthetic flat shader brush
Sigma E40 fluffy brush
Sigma F80 flat top foundation brush
Ecotools kabuki and powder brush
Beauty blender in black

MAC Paint Pot

Udah lama ga posting lenongan gegara sok sibuk ngurus masa depan, halah...

Aku tuh pemburu eyebase banget, secara ini eyelid knapa oily banget. Orang mah pake eyebase aubeu aja yang 25rb bisa awet mentereng itu esedo... atau bahkan temen2 di RS ada yang cuma kuasnya dibasahain aja pakai air katanya, esedo uda mentereng gonjreng-gonjreng ga masalah...
Sementara aku ... huaaahaauhauhauuu... jangan harap ya, uda pakai udpp by urban decay pun yang katanya eyebase paling jawara.. kl udin lama juga masi crease juga. Eh tapi lama kok, sampai 10-12jam hehehe.. dan warna eyeshadow jadi makin gonjreng doonnggg...

Jadilah aku punya udpp, toofaced shadow insurance yg katanya okeh banget, n lorac behind the scene. Kebanyakan sih dapet gretongan dari paletnya, kecuali ada udpp fullsize aku punya yang original dibeliin kakak dari SF. Mayan, cuma 8.9usd hakhakhakhak.. beli di walmart sonoh, uda setaon lebih kaga abis2 dicolek mulu, eh sekarang kayaknya udin mau abis deng.

Daaaannnnn... aku penasaran sama MAC painterly pot inih. Eyeshadow yang biasa dijadiin eyebase sama orang-orang makeup guru. Bikin warna eyeshadow makin crong, and anti crease yang penting buat ku.
it costs 22usd .. dalam jar kaca macam color tattoo, bertutup plastik item, classy n elegan (banci packaging kumat)

Teksturnya cream, ga ada wanginya. Smooth mudah mengaplikasikannya cukup pake ring finger tersayang as ur weakest finger.
Karena aku nc25, aku pilih yang warna painterly. Agar blending sama warna kulitku. Kl yang nc20 pake warna soft ochre lebih masuk. Tp di aku keputihan..ALhamdulillah ga salah pilih warna.

Nih liat deh yang mata kanan pake paint pot, yang mata kiri nggak pake.Warnanya blending bagus ya.. dan membuat "kanvas" yang bagus banget sebelum diaplikasikan eyeshadow.

Nekat ah iseng mau nyobain, aku pakein l'oreal infallible glistening garnet n iced latte. Terlihat bedanya, yg pake paint pot lebih crong warna eyeshadownya.
Trus... nah ini nih yang bikin eykeh bermasalah, crease...
Bok!!! ini ya cuma lenongan 2-3jam doang nungguin chika skolah plus perjalanan PP 1jam kurang. Udin crease yang ga pake eyebase...hiks , keliatan kan ada garis merah dilipatan eyelid mata kiriku.

In my humble opinion, aku suka sama inih paint pot.. horeeee, dan kayaknya bisa sampai lama ga harus berburu eyebase lagi. Walaupun ga sedahsyat udpp ya anti creasenya..
Pake 7jam uda crease juga. Kayaknya yang salah emang eyelid aku nih bukan prodaknya hahahahahha

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Clarisonic Original or Not?

Jadi tergelitik untuk mengshare ini, karena ternyata banyak banget clarisonic bertebaran dimana-mana dan ternyata dijual ga ori. Ga ori means fake or even refurnish. Dan secara aku belinya online dan bukan di toko sephoranya..jd pengen tau, huhuhuhu punyaku ori ga yaaaa.
Nah loooo...bedainnya gimana?

Gugling-gugling..ketemulah kesimpulannya

1. Yang paling umum ditemui adalah ada lambang melengkung-lengkung nya ga diatas n dibawah huruf S si clarisonic ini.. jadi ya ada yang diantara huruf O dan S, atau dimanasajalah...
mine ..horeee amaannn

2. ga ada tulisan clarisonicnya di brush cap jadi polos aja gitu. Mine..amaaannn lagi horeee

3. Dalam alat yang buat muternya dari plastik ga dari metal ada 3 buah..Mine..aman lagiii asiiikkkk
4. Dalam yang muter2nya ga ada tulisan apapun termasuk nomor2 apalah entahlah jadi plastiknya polos aja...Mine.. horeee adaaaaa tulisannya entahlah apa itu termasuk kode-kode, amaannnn
5. serial numbernya kebalik madep ke bagian yang ada abu-abunya .. mine..horeeee amaannn ga kebalik

6. Didalamnya ada berbagai macam sample facewash nih. Nah katanya segel alumuniumnya itu nempel sekadarnya aja, means ga kaya dipress gitu di ujung tubenya.
Mine..jujur ya, susah banget ini dibuka..sampe krn aku ga sabar, ada salah 1 facewashnya kulubangin aja pake pulpen ..means...? aman lagi yaaaa punya ku horeeee

7. Isi facewashnya ga penuh atau sesuai dengan kapastitas ml nya. Aku ambil salah 1 punyaku yang belum terpakai, isinya katanya 60ml, dan kubandingin dengan minyak telon anakku, sama isinya.. berarti punyaku ga dpt yang isinya kurang ya, horeeeee
8. Katanya baunya ga jelas isi facewashku... punyaku sih baunya ga ada masalah ya. Maksudnya ga terlalu wangi nyentrong juga dan enak-enak ajah pakenya.

8. lack of documentation
mine.. aku lihat petunjuk lengkap, sampai ngecek kualitas kertas dan cetakannya krn aku penasaran, but IMHO ini document yang terlampir berkualitas ga murahan (blurblur ga jelas, kertasnya jelek, gambar ga oke) conclusion is aman lagi ...pfffiiuuuhhhh

9. dinyalain kadang ga bunyi beep, timer ga ada, n sekali cas batrenya cpt abis juga, mine... ga pernah ngerasain masalah ini semua

10. pas dicas lampunya ga nyala... mine..amaaaannnn nyala dengan baik

Kayaknya sih dari semua catatan yang dicantumkan untuk fake alert clarisonic, mine lolos semua...entah ini yang bikin uda jauh jago banget untuk memalsukannya atau gimana,but semoga..aku benar-benar mendapatkan clarisonic yang asli.
Sampai sekarang ga ada masalah brushnya kasar, malah enak banget abis bersihin muka kaya berasa bersiiiihhhh banget.