Saturday, July 13, 2013

Transformers : Optimus Prime Armada

Its an Optimus from transformers Armada series. The size is ultra (a little bit bigger than a leader class). The robot it self only voyager class size, but what makes it bigger is because its armada (trailer).
I bought it from ebay in about 40USD in a very good condition with a complete accessories.
There's a yellow small car as a minibot also. 

The trailer able to change into a base mode. It even close it automatically every change of the optimus. While change it forms into giant robot, the base turn in to its hips to legs.
There's a small red light in the armada, near the optimus feet. 
This is the optimus change its form, from a truck into robot without the trailer

 and this is if with the trailer

It has a great altmod shape, but too bad in my opinion while change into a robot mode its kind a lack of articulation. The form is very stiff,  well .. means we could not make it with a lot of pose , both of the robot it self so does the robot and the armada.

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