Friday, August 2, 2013

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain Rendezvous

Back with lipstick.. well not really a lipstick. Its a lip balm with stain or color. I am choosing this color, called rendezvous. Its an orange because i never have lipstick with this kind of color .
A weird think pop up in my brain with this product, since this product last longer than the other kissable that I have tried.. I don't know why.. but i bought this product directly from US, not like the other which i have it from Indonesian store..
Is there any different in quality ?? should be not...well i don't know.. but the color last for more than 4-6 hours without eating/drinking something..still moist my lips for is really nice if i have to compare it with my other Revlon kissable balm stain. You can read it in here the cherish one and here the smitten. Also still with cozy peppermint flavor, love it.
And here's the swatches..
So, have you ever try any of this product ?...share with me please.


  1. Pernah nyolek selapis produk ini di Sarinah. Benar, lumayan tahan lama. Sudah disusut sama tisu, kena air, warnanya masih ada walau samar-samar.


    1. Ini warna yang paling aku suka, pas sama tone muka dan bibir aku yg cyanosis keunguan. Mungkin karena stain ya, jadi awet warnanya ada aja. Pengen nyobain stain yg lain spt lip stain or else..