Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review : La Girl HD Pro Concealer

Masih berkutat mencari concealer untuk menutupi my puffy purple eyebag that makes me sooooooooo old. Hiks..
Tapi mau beli yang mahal-mahal kan sayang... takut ga berhasil lagi hohoho.
Akhirnya nyoba ini si
LA Girl HD Proconcealer.
Comes with a tube and a brush applicator like this
With so many shades i think its around 18 shades. Mine is in natural. It costs should be around 2-3 USD, in 0,25oz. And as usual, i have to get it online because its unavailable here in Indonesia.

N look how creamy it is.. its thick enough if you compare it with Mac pro long concealer which my shade is NC20 (1 shade lighter than my foundie in NC25). And not cakey at all.
Here's the ingredients

Here's the swatches.. well you know. It has a good cover enough and very easy blend able. I use it with my beauty blender, n its flawless. Oh May GOOOODDD... i love it.


  1. Tertarik sama concealer ini untuk belajar contouring tapinya :D


    1. Iyak bener.. pe er banget deh belajar flawless full cover make routine with shading n contouring.