Friday, April 25, 2014

Vacation With Adam and Susan at RW Sentosa

Its an affirmation blog I think. Well, just give a universe a positive influence, and the universe will give it back to you.. Right !!

If I win this blog contest, maybe it would not be my first time to RW Sentosa which I am willing to go here more than 1 time, but definitely it will be my first time hanging around with one of my favorite couple in traveling world, Adam and Susan.

I have a round the world dream one day with my spouse, one day... and to get that i need to prepare everything like the fund, and since I have one beautiful daughter, of course I need to prepare her education fund as a priority. Hence, while preparing to get it, I love to follow a round the world couple like @pergidulu reading their blog here , as my affirmation to the universe, and do a little traveling with my family once or 2 times a year. I really want to have a lot of chit chat and discuss with their do and activities that they live as a traveling couple. Maybe we could share a thing about traveling with baby with them, hehehhe.

Singapore is the easiest tour the city for us to get our getaway. Why tour the city?.. since I am pregnant and has a baby, me and my spouse still unable to do a backpacker thingy again. Once we do a parent getaway (leave my baby for only 3 days)... and we did not enjoy our getaway that much because we miss her. And from that day, my baby always come wherever we go, with all the baby stuffs. You imagine and name it.. a mini electrical stove, a slow cooker , other cooking tools like pot, knife, etc for making homemade food when she starting to have solid food at her 6-15 months old, (well.. I am a breastfeeding mother with a homemade solid food for my baby.. and I am taking my baby start traveling since she is 2,5 months), a stroller, and may other baby stuffs.

RW Sentosa is our favorite place to visit, beside Singapore parks. We are not a mall lover. It has a lot of attraction, with the details here once we keep the Universal Studios for the latest since my baby still very little, but after all we come to USS also because we can not wait much longer time hehehhe. Not just my baby, at RW Sentosa and USS even we as adult love it so much. There are so much that we can do in RW Sentosa. If you are questioning, not all the place we've already visit, and we still wondering that we will visit and try all the entertainment there one day.

Hopefully this will be my time.


  1. HI,
    Keren yaaa
    Mampir juga yuk
    Terima kasih ;)