Friday, June 21, 2013

It’s My Style of Financial Tips

I was not came from a wealthy family, either my husband. In fact, from 4th semester that I took a med school, I never ask for support anymore from my parents, and even my husband was do the same since he passed high school. Hence, to continue our study, well.. me and him have to work hard by our self , manage how to survive at the college with the crazy tasks, and survive against the world (read: pay a room to the landlord, eat, transportation, includes the hardest part.. pay the tuition). As you all know, as a medical students in Indonesia (not really sure in other country, but i think its approximately the same), med school is hilarious in tuition and others (read: we often collect our own money to pay the patient’s medicine and e.t.c in the hospital), even in a public school like me.. OMG as if in private school it costs so much higher. (FYI: I went to Padjadjaran University) with regular way means through the UMPTN (Ujian Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negri). I’ve entered it in clear procedure, definitely muggle in medical world, not a consultant legacy, which means not as easy as them whose born with the title of Prof Bla Bla’s child, Doctor Bla Bla Bla’s daughter.. (errr…. ) also with a regular tuition (not an extension class, international class, e.t.c).
Thus make me a person who’s required to be really clever in managing my money.

Now, I’ve finished my med school, being a general practitioner, and get a plus as a lactation counselor (soon to be a Lactation Consultant, amiinn), also graduated from my Magisterial of Communication. Still hoping that I could be a specialist (my dream is to be one of an Obstetric n Gynecologist; n related with my previous profession, I want to be an expert in Social Obstetrician with a Lactation Consultant as an advantage).
I am not as wealthy as any people imagine about being a Doctor maybe, but I am really grateful with the achievement. Even though maybe some people look, I still live in modest way.. but the most important thing is I am happy with my life.

We don’t have a fancy car (car is only an option for transportation not a prestige for us), I’m riding my motorcycle for work (the consideration is it only takes15minutes from home, compared if I were driving my car for 1 hour because of the terrible traffic jam), my husband is taking a commuter line to go to the office and drives his motorcycle then put it in nearly station, using our car only for driving our child to school or even in weekend if we want to go somewhere like malls. We often spent the weekend only with DVD and pizza or sweet martabak at home(we do a holiday only 2-3times a year),don’t have a fancy and branded bags (our favorite bag is a backpack, so it could carry many of baby stuffs, also we could hang it on the baby stroller, so it also prevent us from a backache or one shoulder ache), we have a small house with 15 years installment, we don’t have a nanny to help us take care of our baby (just having a helper for the house)and many other simple life to live.

Me and my husband which was my best friend.. are having a same hobby; we love travelling. We have a dream (hopefully will come true) as a world traveler. 1 year Round the World (RTW), break from anything, and seeing the world in our way and reach a financial freedom at young age. Others, we have family members that we should help and taking care. 

With this purposes we have to plan our money very well so we are able to get all the things, and living it in non stress way.
So , here’s the tips
  1. Really point on what‘s your money purpose.. stick on it
  2. Count it in clever way with the time of purpose; learn the future value things and risk of investment carefully. Mmm, let say .. Better be fall in 1 investment, then never invest, because honestly, put your money on savings only well, it does not strong enough to beat the inflation.
  3. Considering point number 2, never put all of your eggs in one basket oke.. so if one basket fall makes all of your eggs breaks in that basket, you still have another basket.
  4. If you have money to hired a financial planner, go for it.. but if you don’t, at least learn the knowledge.. Learn it by your self by browsing, read a book, googling, and get a close friend that is a financial planner and absorb the knowledge hahahahhaa. Seriously, financial planning is really important, and I took some of the financial planning classes to fulfill my need not as a professional with full certification.
  5. Get real.. if you only have 1 million to spend, plan with a million not a billion by taking a loan that you could not pay and spent it in consumptive way.
  6. Financial diet is as the same as maintain your body whose considering a diet program. It’s about your habit, a lifestyle, and a disciplinary. If you broke it, well … either you are getting fat and if it continuity goes for a disease, or in financial: either you get stressed out, and broke ass.
Born in poverty is a fate, but die as it.. its definitely your fault. Its all your choice then
It’s My Style of Financial Tips



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