Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo : Silver Strike

ye ye ye... color tattoo is in d house again...
Now i want to share my though about another color of my lovely maybelline color tattoo , n its in Silver strike.
Its creamy, claimed to be a 24 hours eye shadow without creasing ( i don't know about it since i never used it for 24 hours).. but good enough because it still there nicely, even brighter i though after 12 hours, without any base or primer in my hooded oily eyelid... yeeeaaaayyyy.
With beautiful color, and because the texture is cream, lately i often use it as a base before I applied another powder eyeshadow to make my eyes gorgeous.

Pros :
- Beautiful colors
- Uncreased without base for 12 hours , and even the color look brighter
- you may use it as a base
- good packaging, with plastic and glass in the bottom , so you able to see n pick the color easily
- highly pigmentation
- apply smoothly

Cons :
- aaaakkkkk again, not available in Indonesia. errrr... its only 7-8usd there n i've read in so many reviews that it often buy 1 get 1 50% off , but i have to buy it around 110-120k idr even sometimes with PO system (huaaaa...hikss hikksss...) only for 1 color in a pot of 4g. So i mean, it is really hard to get here..
- dry easily, so do a fast move to blend it with other color oke..

Conclusion : would i buy another color ? yes yes yes.. definetely.. i really love this product hahahahha

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